Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hand coloured etching
Image size: 17 1/2" x 26 3/4"
Monotype: 1 of 4 variations

Yesterday's print includes fragments from a proof pulled from an earlier etched plate, showing the original tumbling figures clearly here in the top right hand corner. Click picture to see detail.

Following the initial one color printing of the imagery, the information suggested additional printing without inking, then hand colouring the impressions to give it an elemental dimension, say, of ancient origins, as it turned out.

LETTING GO can evoke many a wishful feeling, but none so wishful in these modern times as that of having more autonomy. Neanderthal man (first appearing about 75,000 years ago) who travelled extensively, was surely neither hampered nor knew bias as he roamed and intermixed.


  1. The more I looked at this the more the 'random' shapes took on human forms being released and flying upward. Is this a valid view?

  2. It is a valid view. In addition, by taking away my description and the title would free the eye and mind to wander autonomously. Giving titles and clues sometimes helps the uninformed confronted with ambiguous imagery to understand where the artist was headed. The positive element here is that the developed figure lands on his/her feet, ready for new adventures. I cold not envisage letting go and just leaving it at that. Take it where you want.