Tuesday, March 10, 2009


 *ENLARGE!        ENLARGE!      ENLARGE!   (Click on Picture)

Media:   Recycled rag paper, 99% acid free
Size:  Framed  32" x 34"
Edition:  2/10  Each one varies in color combinations

Variation on  previous center image theme.   

*Enlarge to see actual colour and textural qualities.
Hand painted gold applied only.



  1. What size is the original. Being more conventional I suppose I'd have painted a brilliantly-coloured bird. But, obviously, your take is more subtle, with the original bird quite small and white. Enlarging does great things.....helps one appreciate the brush strokes.

  2. Image size 21" x 26". It is a collage of torn-up printed paper fragments which to me, as I was arranging the pieces, began to suggest the idea of the Phoenix, the bird (in Egyptian religion) that was fabled to live for 500 years, the embodiment of the sun god. By all accounts it was consumed by fire by its own act, to rise again in youthful freshness (the white bird) from its own ashes. In a way this work might be seen as a narrative - and I took it further by repeating the bird imagery around the edges. The only painting is the highlighting of the bird, higher up, suggesting its relationship to the sun.

    Thank you for asking questions. It is a good way to comment!