Thursday, March 5, 2009


Mixed media handmade paper collage
Size:  17  1/2" x 21"
 "Unique" or, one of a kind

In a bottle, floating close to the beach in Southbourne, Bournemouth, UK,  there was a note, written in French, meant to be found on the other side of the English Channel.  In brief, I found a friend but, alas, being travelers, over the years, we have lost touch.  She was a tall ships enthusiast, and loved to crew in them.   Still looking for Gloria - where are you now, I wonder.  


  1. I am reminded of the Titanic floating toward an iceberg (or two). Actually, I think your print reveals the hazards facing a message in a bottle as it careers towards .....where? May I write a poem about this print?

  2. You may!

    You may. Such cross-pollination, imdeed! How interesting that
    a busy bee like yourself can find the time to settle on such an ungainly object as this particular bottle. I wonder what new image it will eventually produce?