Monday, March 2, 2009


Mixed Media print
SIZE:  19" x 20"      a/p  3
PAPER:  Dutch Etching

As I was posting a blog about choreographer, Susan Vencl, on SNAPSHOTS today, I recalled the print above - a combination woodcut and cardboard cut. 

Inspired by my plaster sculpture of Degas's 'La danse espagnole' throwing shadows on the wall -  the woodcut, a relief technique (see comment),  enabled me to cut the negative areas for the shadows, and the cardboard cut-out enabled me to impose the dancer in the foreground.   The center panel is a portrait of the artist himself.

For Degas fans, an interesting read is DEGAS, The Artist's Mind by Theodore Reff (1987) 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC


  1. Is this a photograph of a free-standing work or was it designed as a picture? Either way, it's very effective.

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  3. This is a woodcut, a 'relief' print. When the surface of the wood is cut away, what remains is inked and printed. The figure in the foreground was a cardboard cut-out, added to an uncut surface to create another layer that would produce an embossed impression. Thank you for your question, Rinkly.