Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is a finished, unique, handmade paper collage made,  anticipating Breast Cancer Month, back in 1982.   Personal planets.

In short, images of discarded prints were laid on to a window screen, on top of which was spread a layer of 99% acid free prepared rag paper pulp.  The entire layer was hand pressed to squeeze out excess water, then set aside to dry in the sun.  A previously made form was made to make the embossed impression in the center.  The entire print, the collage discards having become part of the pulp-to-paper drying process, was run through press.  Gold paint was applied to the deeply embossed circular area.    See a comment question from blogger Rinkly Rime, and my answer.


  1. Hi, this is Kameron.

    I stumbled across your blog today, and I really like the art. Great stuff.

  2. Thanks. Keep me bookmarked for a while. There's more to come!

  3. At last! A comment! I'll go back to my favourites for a more lengthy 'critique'(!)

    The process sounds very impressive and time-consuming! Was it used for a poster? What is the significance of the small square in the lower left corner?

  4. To look at the design as a whole, the moon, outside the frame, is seen emerging from dark clouds. An image of the moon as if to be eclipsed by the 'sun' or breast/shield-like image, is central to the theme. The moon sighted again within the frame, on the right, is riding on dark waves. In those days there was a 50% chance of surviving breast cancer. Today, the chances are much improved, now that early detection is enabled with new digital mamography techniques, and other protocols for successful treatment.