Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Back soon.  Stay Bookmarked!

Learning to fly is one thing.  Getting a web page off the ground
is quite another, when this bird wants so much to fly!  I am not giving up.

Oops!  is a copper plate etching, a work in progress.

I used a lift ground method to make this image which offers a way to 'paint' an image directly on a clean plate, using a water soluble material.  When dry, the entire plate and image is covered with a thin coat of liquid ground. When the ground is thoroughly dry, the plate is placed in a tepid water bath.  The drawn areas lift off, exposing only those areas, leaving the negative areas protected by the ground. The open line or areas can then be bitten in acid.  

A comprehensive book THE COMPLETE PRINTMAKER by John Ross/Clare Romano/Tim Ross (1990 The Free Press MacMillan) is wonderfully illustrated and covers many, many 
bases for the budding printmaker.

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