Thursday, September 3, 2009


Framed: 30" x 40"

I called this water colour of an iris The Bartered Bride - I am sure someone will come up with a Freudian interpretation for this conjunction of ideas! Including the fact that it was photographed, beautifully framed by my daughter, hanging over the fireplace, unavoidably reflecting the ceiling fixture.

Of course, Sarah's friends immediately think she owns a Georgia O'Keeffe painting! However, during my water colour painting phase, I was not consciously thinking O'Keeffe. At the time, I was taking a course in water colour painting, offered by an Asian artist, who insisted that we first handle the flowers themselves to feel and understand their structure.

So, the 'still life' consisted of a bunch of much handled cut flowers spread on a table - leaving us to create the still life. I could not keep an expressive form from the final pieces, as seen in The Dandelion. And, being a former tabloid reporter, the habit of provocative titling remains an irresistible addiction.

When a teenager, I was a self-taught water colour painter, and was often called upon to make posters for shopkeepers.


  1. There really is a bridal look about this. But maybe too joyous to be a 'bartered' one!

  2. This look too happy for Freud--LOL! The ethereal, dancing atmosphere and poetry here is too much for any heavy Freudian translations. This is gorgeous, Margaret!

  3. I love the soft delicate colors, it really does have a bridal quality. I think Tracy might be right, it's just too happy for Freud.

  4. Yes, saw the iris in it before I saw the excellent title.
    It's very lovely indeed.
    Did you see there is a film now about G. O'Keefe?