Thursday, August 20, 2009

GLOBAL WARMING series - The Dandelion

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The dandelion will grow anywhere and reflect whatever is in the soil that nurtures it. It grows from early spring to late autumn. Drastic measures are inspired to curb its proliferation,

a plant-type monster that swarms gardens, fields and paving with its flying seed-vessels

At one point I saw it as a metaphor as

a Dandy Lion because of its immense flamboyant nature! Then I read that this plant gets its name from the shape of its leaves. They look like a blunt arrow head with a white line running up the centre. The edges are cut up into huge teeth which are said to resemble the teeth of a lion. Hence, Dandelion.

or, as the Sun and Moon: the large yellow flower-heads made up of a great many separate little flower tubes, and the ball of starry down said to be one of the most beautiful things in the flower world.

This watercolour (Size: 30" x 40" framed) came about because I was thinking about the effects of Global Warming and how nature is forever transforming itself - adapting not only to what mankind puts into the soil, but also to evolutionary changes that occur as the world turns.


  1. Wonderful pictures of a hideous plant.
    Sit on lawn with very sharp knife, dig down and cut it out!

  2. I don't mind dandelions at all; indeed, I associate them with childhood pleasure. In your pictures, they are beautiful sunbursts.

    I'm sure that the earth will evolve; but will we evolve with it?

  3. A very different style for these and I like it. I feel you've captured the 'bursting' nature of the flower (like the actual bloom or not) and the puffs add another element. I particularly like the last painting, where the live seems to triumph over the dead.

  4. I love dandelions! I see them as flowers, not weeds. :o) My hubby sees them as weeds...Probably the only thing we don't agree on--LOL! But I think your using watercolors for this piece was an excellent choice...some how it conveys tenderness, I feel. And your full-blown. rather Georgia O'Keefe style really makes a big story impact for the humble dandelion. Happy Day, Margaret!

  5. Love your exploration of the humble dandelion! In actual fact, it becomes not so humble but a beautiful symbolof sun on earth! Your watercolours are a stunning melting of sensitivities!

  6. lovely painting. I like dandelions, because rabbits love to eat them, and when I have a pet, it's a rabbit....