Saturday, May 9, 2009


Media           Woodcut,  
Image size:  15" x 20"
Paper:          Dutch Etching
Date:            1964c

There are always refugees.   This woodcut was done in 1965c, during the Vietnam war that lasted from 1959-1975. It was inspired by news photographs of villagers leaving their homes. There have been many turbulant times everywhere since then, resulting in refugees.  

 Now, close to half a million 'refugees' (displaced civilians) are in camps, caught in the middle of a Pakistan desperately defending itself (and its nuclear capability) against a Taliban effort to dominate the region.     The world relies on them to do so,  short of participating.    


  1. One of your most moving, I think. I love the feeling of 'effort' I get from it. I often think what tremendous effort it must take to be a refugee. Unfortunately, like the poor, they are 'always with us.'

  2. Refugees are a daily reminder of how cruel man can be. Your etching expresses this very well,
    carrying the sadness of it all in the image.