Friday, March 20, 2009

THE MESSAGE by Rinkly Rimes


 My long time friend, Brenda Bryant, was very much taken with my piece called MESSAGE BY SEA MAIL of March 5th,  and asked if she could put it to a rime.  She did so in a very unexpected way, even to herself!   It is one of her serious rimes and one to which many can relate.   So do take flight to Rinkly's Rime of March 19 and enjoy what we like to call cross-pollinating! 


  1. Is this a new piece or am I too dim to recognise part of one I've already seen? I've left a note somewhere about the cross-pollination, but, obviously, not here! I hope you find it!

  2. This is a part of the piece you wrote about! Look to the left of the bottle,

  3. Regarding The Message from March - When I first saw it I thought it was a take on Manet's Monet in his Studio Boat. Funny, although I do see lots of water!

  4. No, it was just a sequal to my Message by Sea Mail of March 6, about a real message in a bottle that had washed up.
    I know Monet's Studio Boat, having seen the painting at the Barnes in Philadelphia. There is certainly a lot of water in that, the boat floating quietly, a self contained compact shape just sitting there. And also Manet's painting. By the way, the Barnes was going to be moved, but I am told it never happened!
    How interesting that you have been looking back, have time to! Thank you for mentioning it.