Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Image size:  approximately 22" x 20" 
Media:  recycled rag paper 

1 of 2 uniques

Note:  this piece was substituted for another that was here. 


  1. I get less of an 'eye' message from this version. In fact, I think the whole piece has changed! Were I asked now I would say that the impression (for me) is one of static houses with lit windows(?) at the lower edge, and frenetic movement (traffic?) above. But I'm sure I'm way off the track! In fact I'm probably 'beyond sequential thought'! I feel I'm looking down from above. But then, there's the moon (sun?). Oh dear, I'm not much good at this. Art appreciation lessons are called-for!

  2. I have just read your poem called BEIGE BEAUTY, of yesterday. In that approach you do not analyze, but address what the colour and the texture of the mosaic piece means to you. This is art appreciation at its best! It is a way of going beyond sequential thought. The title is the clue here.