Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Image size: 24 1/2" x 33 3/4"   c. 1970s
Media:  Found wood -  3 blocks combined
Paper:  Rice paper
Edition:   a monoprint, executed in different colour combinations

Living in a home, with a tiny beach as part of the backyard (overlooking the Great South Bay),
 Long Island,  found wet wood (the central black parts above) would often dry out into groovy textures for printing.   Fortunately, I had a long press bed, so that I could add length to the 'view' I had in mind by using another groovy pine block to suggest the bay. 


  1. Now that is absolutely beautiful. I love the way you've infused the picture with moonlight while not making the moon itself picture-postcard obvious. I think this is my absolute favourite of all your works so far. That's because I do like a pictorial element. Having been to your beach helps as well!

  2. Good work brother.
    i liked them and i think i will hear your name in the future

    Consultants who can help

  3. It's like a moonlight sonata on the beach...there's music here...LOVE the textures and almost Asian flair--fantastic!

  4. I love the colors and texture, so very beautiful.

  5. that's gorgeous, very striking.....