Thursday, April 16, 2009


PARABOLA,  or 'birth of a curve',  so called because it is the plane section of an elliptic paraboloid.

Image size:  18" x 16"    (1974c)

Made from two pieces of driftwood, the first one with horizontal grain and a conveniently located knot.   

Black ink was rolled over the raised grain, and a print was made on mulberry paper.  This was  allowed to dry before applying an opaque white ink to the block, to overprint the black, to make a gray.  A light, light yellow was added, horizontally across the center, in a third print stage to enhance circularity.  

The second block was less grainy, a thin piece of wall board, the shape cut out with a jigsaw to the correct geometric measurement required for it to own to the title, PARABOLA.    (Google
PARABOLA, then images, for diagrams and measurements)

This  block was then inked in black,  and the previous print, registered, was laid over the block and printed.   Drying between each color application ensures a crisp looking image.

 Go to rinklyrimes for a great comment on this work

PS   Rinkly has drawn my attention to a photo posted on April 20, 2009, of an evening sky showing the formation of a parabola that echoes the shape of the woodcut, complete with moon.  Go to:  sylviafromoverthehill


  1. When I first looked I saw ripples on the sea; then they became the grain in wood. Maybe it's better not to 'see' anything but just to enjoy the moonlit curve.

  2. Beautiful. When I first saw it on Rinkly Rimes I thought "woodcut". I enjoyed my visit. Lovely piece.

  3. Thank you! By the way, I love the look of golf courses, too. I don't play anymore but my grandchildren are learning already. Your wonderful pictures of the Legend golf course remind me of that!