Monday, February 16, 2009

FAT CATS - Today, it is Fat Cat comeuppance!

First, the magic marker sketch....

then the drawing is rearranged a tad, transferred to a linoleum matrix, and cut.

Later, two removable circular shapes were made within the matrix to allow for interrupting continuous line of drawing by turning them slightly before inking.  

Multicolour prints were made, using transparant colours.

Media:  Linocut  
Multicolor monotypes - limited number available
It's a startling moment when clicking the image for detail!

The intaglio that follows is, of course, a quite 
different story....

February 18,  2009


Media:  Intaglio
Size:      18" x 12"
Edition:    20

Yes, LOLLY WILLOWES (or The Loving Huntsman) is the title of a novel by Sylvia Townsend Warner.  It recounts the adventures of a 'middle-aged spinster' who becomes a witch.  (1926 Viking)    A black cat belonging to a friend of mine was named Lolly Willowes because she liked this title, and the book as well.   



  1. And I hadn't realised that the two works I favoured were variations on a theme! That's how aware I am!

  2. So you found it! Yes, one drawing can look quite different when tried in a different media. Each media suggests a different way to go once launched. There are four plates that make the intaglio one piece, but each plate is a potential print in itself. I may add one experiment when I find it. Thanks for your patience with my back and forth method of posting, which enables me to keep the variations together.